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Bringing Resolute Circles Group to Your Next Event

We enjoy working with Resolute Circles Group. They really bring events to life - from the hooping interactive spaces to the performance routines, they offer a unique experience for all attendees. For the block parties, they activated spaces, and created environments where people of all ages could hoop, dance and have fun. Their team is great to work with and an added attraction to our community events
— Daphne Burgess, Crocker Art Museum, Block by Block
"Retro Rendezvous" at the Sound Factory in San Franciso, CA 

"Retro Rendezvous" at the Sound Factory in San Franciso, CA 


Event Entertainment

Festivals, Birthday Parties, Special Occasions, Music & Art Events

  • Interactive Flow Spaces

Our most popular service!  Get bodies moving and engage your event attendees with one of our Interactive Flow Spaces.   We provide up to 40 hoops for participants to try and play with, as well as informal instruction and support, teaching tricks & techniques as we share the art of hoop dance.

  • Hoop Dance Performance 

Whether its day or night, on stage or off stage - our hoop dance performances are sure to enthrall.  Our "free flow" option is perfect when you are looking for passive, ambient, or go-go type performance and can create an enchanting background for your guests to enjoy.  Or maybe you're looking to fill a spot on your main stage? Our choreographed  performances may be just what you are looking for and can go upwards to 45 minutes.      

Pricing varies on event size, length of appearance, and selected entertainment options.  Send us an email at contact@resolutecirclesgroup.com or give us a call at (916) 572-4159 for more pricing info   


Boss's 6th Birthday Party

Boss's 6th Birthday Party



Community Outreach

Here at Resolute, we absolutely love to give to our community in the best way we know how - and that is with the gift of HOOP LOVE.  We make it a point, at least a few times a year, to donate our time, energy, and hoops to communities in need.   

Contact us if you would like us to host a community outreach event for your school and/or organization or if you and hosting a free community event in which we would like us to be involved.

Acro Yoga - Hoop Jam at William Land Park   Sacramento, CA

Acro Yoga - Hoop Jam at William Land Park   Sacramento, CA