Intro to Doubles

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Intro to Doubles


Wanting to pick up that second hoop but not sure where to start? Not to fear! Emily Spins is here to show us the way. This class is perfect for hoopers just starting out on their doubles journey or those a little more experienced looking to refine and add a few more tricks to their répertoire.

Emily has been adding her fun, techy, and creative flow to our troupe’s hoop dance routines for 3 years now and the skills and tricks we have learned from her are infinite! She has been hooping for over 5 years and we are very excited to what she has to share!

If this is your first time doing doubles, please do not be intimated! Here at Resolute, we truly value holding space for the hoop community to develop, learn, and grow.

Spots are limited!

$25 Pre Register

$30 Walk Ins

Sunday, April 28th

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Sierra 2 Center - 2791 24th St. - Studio 2

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