A Flow State, Hoop Dance, and Mindfulness Wellness Program



Circles is a wellness program, designed by our founder, to help cultivate wholeness among its participants in the school or workplace environment.

Movement with the hoop as our prop is the primary medium in developing mindfulness, awareness, and self responsibility. We walk our participants through three part lesson plan that involves stimulating discussion, meditation, and of course - movement.  

At the end of a session, a fully engaged participant should be feeling calm, relaxed, grounded and connected in their body.  Regular attendance in our program can help participants to be more better suited for the modern day of distractions and over stimulation, heighten the way that can interact with the world, and elevate one's quality of life.   


Why do we need "Flow" in our lives?

Our personal growth and development is the direct root of our happiness as human beings.  "Flow State" activity gives us permission to cultivate this experience.  The more time we spend in the Flow State, the more overall positive effect and overall happiness we will have in our lives in the long run.   

Living in tune with the philosophy of flow is to transform your life from a chaotic race to a sublime dance. It is to live consciously. Living in flow is to be mindful and aware.
— Jiro Taylor, Founder of Flowstate Collective, Meditation Teacher & Coach

Why hooping?

"Hooping actually boots our memory and learning.  Current brain research shows that movement is critical in our ability to learn.  It boots the chemicals that are good for focus, thinking, and memory.  Those chemicals are noradrenaline, dopamine, and cortisol.   While we grown neurons (electrically excitable brain cells that process and transmit information through electrical and chemical signals) throughout our lifetime, movement is the absolute best thing there is for growing them. Yep, movement ends up actually increasing the amount of gray matter in our brain and those excitable brain cells are connected with memory, learning, and mood."

-Philo Hagen Co-Founder & Managing  Editor of Hooping.org


Session Frequencies 

  • Weekly
  • Monthly 
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly 
  • Yearly
  • 8 Week Summer Session 

Choose your frequency and contact us directly at contact@resolutecirclesgroup.com with some details about your school and/or workplace for a personalized quote!

If you are working with a particular budget,
please let us know! We try not to deny the benefits of our program to anyone.